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I believe PCRC mark M is no longer used and may not be on station (as of 2014).

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Races and results:


PCRC Results - 2010 Spring Series

Track - 4/28/2010 race (Course K)

Track - 5/5/2010 race (Course J)


Track - 5/13/2009 race (Course I)

Track - 5/27/2009 race (Course C)

Track - 5/31/2009 Grab Bag race (WRSC Course L)

Track - 6/10/2009 race (Course F - shortened to X)

Track - 7/29/2009 race (Course B)

Track - 8/9/2009 Grab Bag race (WRSC Course L)

Track - 8/12/2009 race (Course D)

Track - 8/19/2009 race (Course D)

Track - 8/26/2009 race (Course F)

Track - 9/02/2009 race (Course E)

Track - 9/09/2009 race (Course F)

Track - 9/23/2009 race (Course F)

Track - 9/30/2009 race (Course I)